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Cascades Mixed Use Development

Tallahassee, Florida

Led by prominent developer North American Properties, this project will include mid-rise residential, retail, office, restaurant and hotel space built to maximize views of Tallahassee’s Cascades Park and the State Capitol Building, along with pedestrian-friendly paths to connect the development to downtown, a range of public amenities, and more than 1,000 parking spaces. At the heart of the proposed development is “Festival Street,” a main corridor that can be closed off to support pedestrian-only events, food trucks, pop-up retail and outdoor entertainment. The master plan also features a wellness center fronting the park and a designated community arts and cultural space.

The design draws from the surrounding downtown buildings and historical structures to create a compatible but distinct character unique to the Cascades District, with special attention paid to street-level character. The buildings, aligned along an open corridor connecting downtown Tallahassee and Cascades Park, offer ample space for outdoor dining, retail displays, and picturesque landscaping, lighting and water features – all of which will contribute to a dynamic pedestrian experience.

The largest buildings are divided into different masses to temper the overall scale of the development and stimulate visual interest. The corner towers, with their subtle variations, stand as beacons of light to celebrate the gateway between the city and the park. Two vacant, historic buildings on the site will be preserved and incorporated into the development. Regular and harmonious repetition of architectural elements create a rhythm along the streets and park edges, with elegant patterns of light filtering through the glass at night. Charming balconies along office, residential, and public spaces promote enjoyment of the active park and reinforce a sense of safety for pedestrians with “eyes on the street.”

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