Donald serves the firm as managing principal, architect, urban designer and project manager with over 15 years of experience. He is a graduate of the urban design program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and architecture programs at the University of Michigan and Florida A&M University. He brings a background in design research, including elderly urban environmental issues in city redevelopment, eastern city formation, and vernacular housing typologies of Florida.  He is committed to design and redevelopment issues throughout North Florida.  He has also managed the design and production efforts for architecture projects spanning single and multi-family residential, commercial, higher learning, and mixed-use building programs. Donald is active in advocacy with the AIA, the local business community and mentorship initiatives for youths. 

"We make places, and we feel connected to those who have made places before us.  It’s especially rewarding to help the youths we mentor make the same connection, and to watch them realize that they can be the makers of the future."