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Classroom Prototypes & Renovations

Emory University

Atlanta, Georgia

Fitzgerald Collaborative embarked upon Emory University’s College of Arts & Sciences (ECAS) long-time need of evaluating their existing 165+ classroom inventory. FC helped establish that total inventory and their right-sizing through extensive research of the Registrar’s website and analyzation of prior reports. The goals were to analyze and quantify the classroom inventory and its space utilization, to perform design services by creating an appropriate number of classroom prototypes, and to develop a phasing plan that will assist ECAS in determining the most effective and cost-efficient way of upgrading classrooms throughout its college. There was also the desire of ECAS to increase the utilization of classrooms of lesser popularity.

With the increase in availability of new technology and the flexibility of classroom layouts and their functionality, the pedagogical shift in how professors instruct their students is ever-changing. FC recognized each of these challenges and successfully recommended options for solutions that ECAS will use in their classroom right-sizing and upgrades.

final classroom additional
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