Atlanta, GA

Georgia’s Own Credit Union (GOCU) presented a very unique and challenging opportunity for FC to put its experience to the test while creating an iconic image in downtown Atlanta. Atop the building at 100 Peachtree Street (formerly known as the Equitable Building), GOCU installed on each side, an LED screen 174’ in width and 20’ in height. FC was hired as the architect to coordinate with all necessary parties, i.e., general contractor, structural and waterproofing consultants and sign manufacturer, to complete the project from conceptual idea to substantial completion in nine months. The goal was to have the building top sign fully operational in time for Super Bowl LIII. 


FC’s immediate response was to detail the supports for the sign in a manner that accomplished a blend between it and the building. The sign is also an appendage to the façade, therefore, attention to the edge conditions (building and sign) were critical to the overall aesthetic. Being that the building is 50 years old, detailed analyses were necessary to ensure the steel supports were adequate and FC worked closely with the structural consultant to accurately locate those members. Another challenge was coordinating the locations of the openings that were cut into the building’s existing metal panels and detailing each in a manner without jeopardizing the integrity of the wall. An extremely accelerated project schedule created simultaneous and overlapping phases for design, engineering, and construction. It was imperative that FC led the coordination efforts in order to maintain the design schedule without impeding on the contractor’s schedule for installation. Therefore, architectural details were completed in two months. This was not a typical building project or spatial experience for the general public, however it still required the expertise of the FC team to achieve a design solution at an accelerated speed….mission accomplished.